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Twelve Steps to Outsource LoadRunner Recovery

By jcalabrese - Posted on 21 July 2010

Outsource LoadRunner Testing is costing you a bundle of money

I am sure you are thinking “What are you talking about? We are paying 70% less by off shoring our performance testing”. Our message at too you is simple: You are still paying too much. At LoadRunnerbyTheHour we offer LoadRunner performance testing services starting at $19.95 per hour with excellent quality – right here in the USA.

Over 80% of our clients for outsourced LoadRunner testing fit into our $19.95 per hour rate for LoadRunner. The question is you have to ask yourself is this: “Am I willing to actually look at the deliverable I am receiving from my outsourced LoadRunner testing firm and admit that I may have made a mistake?”. If so, then we want to speak with you. You can also get help by reading our 12 step recovery program for offshore addiction.

Twelve Step Recovery Program for Offshore addiction

  1. Admit that you are powerless over managements decision to outsource LoadRunner testing
  2. Come to realize that there are other US based companies that can provide services at a competitive price for outsourced LoadRunner testing
  3. Made a decision to actually look into the possibility that American workers can provide higher quality at the same or lower price than the offshore vendor
  4. Took a fearless look at the actual outsource LoadRunner testing deliverables and realized that you have real problems
  5. Admitted that we have been covering for the low quality of this offshore vendor and that time has come to an end
  6. Prepared to call LoadRunnerbyTheHour and have them identify and remove all the defects associated with our outsourced LoadRunner testing
  7. Asked LoadRunnerbyTheHour remove offshore vendor roadblocks that are preventing success of our load testing effort
  8. Made a list of all stakeholders that were negatively affected by the outsourced LoadRunner testing
  9. Tried to make things right with the stakeholders by letting them know that you are looking at an alternate solution with LoadRunnerbyTheHour
  10. Continue to call out the wrongs of the offshore vendor as they occur – no more cover ups! We know of many companies who are covering for the incompetence of the offshore vendor to make management look good! Don’t do it.
  11. Focus on improvement of our outsourced LoadRunner testing
  12. Admitted that we needed to contact LoadRunnerbyTheHour NOW !!! in order to save our jobs

If you still think you are getting a great deal then maybe you should take a look at some public forum examples of top tier offshore vendors who are servicing fortune 500 companies for performance testing. Then look at our pricing matrix and ask yourself this: Is my off shore vendor giving me what LoadRunnerbyTheHour offers? We will provide you with a free assessment to help you find out (please allow 1 week due to high volume of requests).

We are able to compete on price with overseas organizations and still maintain the level of quality you demand. We standardized our delivery model. We examined every aspect of our cost components, from facilities to our engineer development to our hiring practices with an eye towards keeping costs in check. This allows us to pass the benefits directly onto you, our clients, in the form of price per hour leadership for our services.

We challenge you to find a better value for the price paid for LoadRunner services anywhere in the world.

Call now (703-679-8187)to begin saving on every hour of LoadRunner services delivered or share us on your favortie website!
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