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Top Ten Failures in LoadRunner Performance Testing

By lrbthproject - Posted on 23 December 2010

1. Failure to define performance requirements for LoadRunner performance testing - Without performance requirements you don’t know when your system is performing as needed. Performance requirements define a goal and a reason for LoadRunner Performance Testing.

2. Inadequate LoadRunner Performance Tool skills - Somebody with LoadRunner scripting skills does not make a skilled performance test engineer. A skilled performance test engineer is more than just a tool mechanic; they know system architecture, software engineering, computer networking and database design. They have good problem solving skills and know how to TEST a system. They know how to analyze test results to find bottlenecks and give suggestions for fixing the performance issue.

3. Failure to use enough performance test data - Issues occur when the data used for parameters does not vary enough to test the database. Issues also occur if the database isn’t populated in a way that mirrors production

4. Failure to properly estimate the duration all tasks of LoadRunner Performance Testing - Besides not having an appropriate model for estimating the level of effort for completing steps of LoadRunner Performance Testing, frequently project managers influence the LoadRunner Performance Testing schedule in a way that may not work for LoadRunner Performance Testing project.

5. Failure of Management to understand what you do, but telling you how to do it and how long it should take. This is a classical fail point for many a LoadRunner Performance Testing effort.

6. Failure to effectively analyze bottlenecks - Many LoadRunner Performance Testing teams do not have people with effective bottleneck analysis skills on staff. Testing has very little benefit if the team is unable to determine success or failure and when a test does fail, why?

7. Hired based upon price rather than skills - Although organizations would not consider a developer or project manager based purely upon price,this happens quite often in test areas. An organization which hires just based upon price generally has no idea on how to judge the deliverable of the LoadRunner Performance tester

8. Failure to effectively interview performance test engineers because you have no interview skills in house. Often interview are asked based upon questions found on the Internet with the candidate parroting answers from the same sites,often including incorrect answers that neither interviewer or candidate are aware of.

9. Failure to allow a performance test engineer to specialize and focus on performance testing - Asking functional testers or developers to be performance testers is not a good strategy for producing high quality LoadRunner performance testing results.

10. Failure to train. Excellent performance engineering staffs are always encountering leading edge technologies in use by developers. Performance Engineers require the same level of detailed architectural level training as do developers in order to be effective in their roles as LoadRunner Performance Testers.

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