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Loadrunner Scripting

By lrbthproject - Posted on 23 December 2010

Loadrunner Scripting

Loadrunner scripting is used as a performance testing tool. Loadrunner scripting runs stress test on your entire system to identify any potential client, network, and server issues.

One main objective of loadrunner scripting is to simulate the real time scenario when more than one user is simultaneously logged into an application at any given time. Loadrunner scripting will analyze the time for an application to load and perform required tasks, to find areas for improvement.

There are three main components of loadrunner scripting: virtual user generator, controller, and analysis.

The virtual user generator allows you to record the scripts as hard coded values of the targeted scenario. However to simulate real time scenarios, the data will vary so parameterization is used to allow for flexibility. Once the scripts are prepared they can be placed in the controller. A controller is used to simulate the real time scenario using the recorded scripts from the virtual user generator. Once the data is simulated it’s time to analyze the graphs and timelines obtained from the controller process.

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